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Sponsorship Options

LED Screen (30 feet by 10 feet)

Visuals are by far the most promising tool for
making a brand impact.
Have visually attractive videos and gain

The screen will be placed at 2 prominent
locations (Entrance / Canteen).

Your video/ad will play on the Led Screen at
regular intervals throughout the event days.

Led Screen.png

Logo on Layout
(2 in each exhibition)

Guide your visitors the way to your stall!
Your logo will be placed on the Location Map
placed at prominent visitor movement areas.

These will help visitors understand the layout and
scope of the Display.

As well as identifying the visitor’s current position
your stand can also be highlighted alongside your
company logo.

Logo on Visitor Badge

Approx. 3 Lakh numbers.
Be with your visitors!

Your logo will be placed at the visitor badge.
That means your brand doesn't have the remotest chance of missing out.

Welcome Hoarding

Be the first to welcome your guests. Welcome
hoardings will be placed near the entrance. It will
create the first and lasting impression about your

Hall Entrance Arch

No chance of missing out!
Your logo will be placed at the entrance
of each hall.

This will be the most prominent sight
for the visitors.

Logo on Poster

Total 10,000 numbers
Be all around the city even before the show!
KISAN Sampark team will visit Agri Traders of the
host state.

The posters of the exhibition carrying your logo
will be placed at prominent locations at these
input shops. This offers you an opportunity to
hammer your brand among visitors and traders
much before the exhibition starts.

Message on Mobile after registration

Be right there!
As soon as a farmer registers for the KISAN exhibition.

A message tile with your brand link / brochures
will be sent to them.
On clicking the message, you can bring the
farmers on your page/website.

Ad in Digital Catalogue

Connect with farmers before and during the

An ad with your product link and website will be
carried out in the Digital Catalogue.

Social Media Ad

Reach the industry + agri community

Social media post confirming your presence at
KISAN will be posted and advertised on KISAN’s
social media channels. This offers an impeccable
branding opportunity.

Newsletter with your logo and info

Will be sent to all KISAN’s database.

A powerful tool to reach directly to the farming

Greenpass Quota

  • 10,000 at each event. worth Rs. 15,00,000/-

  • greenpass of KISAN exhibition.Invite your guests with a complimentary 

  • including KISAN Pune.Get credit to send invited worth 15,00,000/- 

  • Make your guests feel special.

Sponsorship Amount

Be right there !

Connect with 3 lakh + farmers at KISAN Shows.
And over 15+ lakh farmers on KISAN Digital Platform.

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