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Planned at KISAN

for KISAN Exhibitors.

Online Visitor Registration

KISAN visitors are being registered online for the past 6 years. We are confident to pre register every farmer.

Verified mobile numbers are collected at the
time of registration. This will help in
communicating with them before during and
after the event..


Safe Distance

Will be maintained by offering a Proportionate
movement area. As per govt norms 3.87 sq.m. of
floor space should be available for each person.

New venue offers much larger space to
comfortably accommodate 25000+ at one time,
without compromising the safety.
Controlled Entry to restrict number inside.
Visitor badges will be scanned at entry & Exit
to know the exact number inside.


of every person visiting the venue.
We know the visiting number on each day.
It will be restricted to the limit set by Govt.
based on the area which is 25000 inside venue.

Visitor number will be controlled to ensure
social distance can be followed inside venue.

The new venue is large enough to
accommodate 25000 persons at one time.


Vaccine Compulsion

Visitor will have to upload the proof of
vaccination. Farmers would be encouraged to
get vaccinated before visiting the fair.

The new venue

Is ready with advance infrastructure and a vast
movement area to accommodate large farmer


Air circulation in the Halls

As per the guidelines from the Ministry, events
need to have better fresh air circulation along
with temperature maintained to be more than
24°C. To esnure this instead of Air conditioning,
KISAN will have wider openings for proper
ventilation inside the Halls.


Exchange of information would be made
possible with a digital interface for sharing
brochures and literature.

A multimedia brochure can be shared
with a simple scan.


*SOP guidelines for hosting exhibitions

from Ministy of Commerce, Govt. of India.

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