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Refund Policy

  1. In case the Exhibition is canceled or postponed beyond 31-March 2024 by KISAN

    1. As for International participants, if any visa or travel restrictions prevail for the country, 10 days before the commencement of KISAN exhibition, KISAN will carry forward the participation fee for the next edition of KISAN.

    2. If companies from out of Pune or Maharashtra have any travel restrictions and/or quarantine guidelines, 5 days prior to the exhibition, KISAN will refund their advance deposit as per 2.8.1 or 2.8.2 whichever is chosen by the company.

    3. In case of Force Majeure or if govt cancels the permission to host the exhibition 5 days prior or later to the exhibition date KISAN is not liable to refund the advance fee.

    4. KISAN will strictly follow all SOPs and adhere to covid protocols suggested by the Govt. to organize the exhibition on the ground. The KISAN exhibition will be executed only if the Govt and/or local authorities give permissions for the same.

    5. The exhibitor has an option to carry forward the amount to the next edition of KISAN. In such a case, KISAN will offer additional credit of 18% of the amount for the next edition of KISAN.

    6. The Exhibitor is liable to get 100% refund of the advance paid. Organizer will refund this amount within 3 months from the announcement. If the refund payment gets delayed beyond that, KISAN is liable to pay an annual 18% interest on the amount for the extended period.

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